Monday, August 10, 2015

The Grande O'l Lady is the new name I have given to the 1890's historical Victorian Home of which I am the caretaker - and it is only through the grace of God that I am able to do this. Living in the house has been a spiritual adventure, not only through the arts, but also through the guests who have spent time here. Many of these have been artists. This past week, during an art show held here by the Northeast Alabama Art Council, I was fortunate to play hostess to 11 artists who exhibited their works here. It was a success for the artists as well as those attending. Most of all, it inspired me to continue my journey with God in discovering how to better serve Him and others as the caretaker of this lovely old home. One of the things I have done as a result of this is to redesign my web site. To see the changes please visit

I am so excited about how God is blessing The Northeast Alabama Art Council, the organization that sponsored the Sept. Art Show at The Grande O'l Lady. Following the show a lovely woman who came called to say how much she and her friends enjoyed the show. She suggested we have a Holiday Art Tea in December. Several of us met with her today and a couple of her friends who want to help. And we have scheduled the show for the first Satuday in Dec. It will begin at 4 p.m.
After the Sept. show I felt I would not be ready for another event in my home so soon but when I thought about what a wonderful gift she wanted to give, I knew she was another of God's angels and another of His gifts.
Our planning meeting turned into a testimonial service about God's angels. Now, we are excited about painting angels. I will tell you more about that in my next posting. It's getting late and I need to go to bed but I wanted to share my excitement about our upcoming Art Tea. For now, sweet angel dreams and goodnight

It always amazing me that most people with the means to purchase original art have their homes filled with cheap prints in audacious frames
We can only guess as to which of today's art works will stand the test of time to become most valuable. However, one think I believe is that any reasonably good art is worth making it an investment. By virtue of longevity it will become more and more valuable.
Rarely do people consider that it is the emotions art evokes in them that causes them to purchase it. And it is this that gives art its personal value. 
When viewing my art, the first thing people usually say about it is, "now, I like that." And, I'm usually amazed as the way they describe it, as well as what they see in it. One of the most important things I have learned from them is that there are as many people drawn to abstract art as there is realism.
Thinking about the emotions of art makes me ask myself; "what is 'truly' art?" My answer is that that is a new creation which is capable of bringing forth all of the emotions humans are capable of feeling. 
Art speaks to us and to truly appreciate it, we need to keep an open mind about it. For example, if we have preconceived ideas about what art, we limit its value and what it can mean to us.
Another important thing about good art is that the artist need not be world-famous. After all, Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. Art collectors and the public mocked the impressionists. Even Michelangelo and Leonardo argued about whether or not sculptor or painting was the true art.
It is important that art be authenticated and its provenance known. For example, without knowing the names of the artists who created famous works of art as well as something about them where they came from, there are would be far less valuable. Instead of bringing millions of dollars there paintings would likely bring only thousands or perhaps, only hundreds. And the condition and quality of the work is important to its value. 
Art's meaning to all of us is immeasurable but I hope this has enhanced your appreciation for it.

Social networking is something who is even remotely computer literate can do. All you have to do is sign-up on Facebook and start searching. You can tie it in with your web site and blog, or whatever online networking program that's available. I know this from my own experiences. Now, because I have these items linked I am finding even more friends, some even follow me on my blog. And one lady who learned about me on Facebook, became my friend, started following me on my blog, may be coming to Women of God Art Retreat which she learned about from one of these sources. That is the way it all starts.
Online networking is fairly new to me. I especially enjoy the bonding that is taking place between me and my new art friends. And it is amazing to me that because of social networking, I not only have new artists friends, Iam also making friends with individuals who are now supporting me and my art because of Facebook.
I will admit that when I signed up for Facebook I knew nothing about it and Twitter still doesn't make a lot of sense. I started the Twit business but put it on the back burner because it didn't make sense. In time, it may or may not. If it does I'm sure I will add it to my networking tools.
Facebook can even change lives, I heard that this morning on Rachel Ray. I was half-way listening to the show when I heard her say something about Facebook. I stopped my writing and watched. Two of her guests were a father and a daughter, who had found each other on Face after many years of being apart.
Now, I'm even more excited about the social networking tools available to me. And, if you aren't already using them I suggest you do so too.